Waters Edge

Susumu Yokota & Rothko - Water's Edge

This seems to be an often overlooked EP that I came across a couple years ago. Perhaps it was overshadowed by their full length album, I’m not sure. These are two amazing artists in their own right and they have come together on this EP to create something really wonderful. Waters Edge is a wonderful ambient record that gives much more than your typical ambient affair tends to give. Blending haunting guitar melodies, fitting sampled recordings (field recordings), a number of percussive elements that blend right into the distant electronic ambience that is a bed for all of these other elements to rest on. As short as the overall experience may be at around 20 minutes, it certainly does a great job of calming your mind. The perfect album for a restless night or for any moments where you need something to help put your mind at ease.

iTunes Link (Note: the link will point you to a compilation from the label that released the EP, Lo Records, that contains the first song from the EP. As far as I know the EP was only released on Vinyl which I recommend highly if you can find a copy of it.)• Susumu Yakota Artist PageRothko Artist Page