Mt. Egypt - III

Mt. Egypt fell into my mind after a friend shared a song with me a year or two ago that I really loved but for some reason I never got around to looking the artist up again, that is until I heard the guest audio engineer at a club I work at put on one of his albums between sets and I knew the voice was familiar so I had a look and sure enough it was Mt. Egypt. Odd thing was that it was at a metal show that this happened so I was not at all expecting to hear such great, quieter music being played. So the next day I went online looking for more of his music finally and came across his newest album and saw it was available in a limited vinyl form and bought it sight unseen. I was not at all disappointed and it quickly has become one of my favorite new music discoveries. This seems to be his most calm, collected album and I really love it. Clever but simple, insightful songwriting that I cannot get enough of.
Highly recommended.

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