A Hundred Times or More

Phosphorescent - A Hundred Times or More

A friend turned me onto this years ago and I listened to it endlessly for a while. The group is lead by Matthew Houck’s soft, breaking vocals which set the mood for the whole album and not unlike the old scratched, slightly strange yet peaceful album cover the music is slightly broken, slow and nostalgic. After seeing him live a couple of times and hearing this album so many times I always look forward to new releases from him. The music is fragile but thick and grips you in a unique way and while his singing style may not suit everyone I find it to be honest and steady despite it’s cracking and thin moments. What I was trying to say was that his weak moments singing are actually his strong ones. As for the music itself, it rocks back and forth like a small boat in the sea and calls out for attention at a handful of moments in the record when the music all start to build and build till they break into a haunting crescendo that leaves the hair on the back of my neck on end at times. I suppose I will stop trying to describe it and simply urge you to listen for yourself. My favorite songs on the album have always been the opening track, Salt & Blues and the song Remain and may be a good starting point should you decide to listen.

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