Songs About Snow

Mint Julep - Songs About Snow

I discovered this project through Helios (aka Koen Holtkamp, Helios, and Goldmund). I have been meaning to post an album from Helios here and should do that soon because Koen’s many musical projects all have a place here among the other artists on You Disappear. Mint Julep is a project that he started with his girlfriend and they have a classic calm shoegazing kind of a sound that I am having trouble finding words for at the moment. Those of you familiar with he shoegaze aesthetic know what I mean. Its thick with drifting ambience but with an edge and with smooth echoing vocals laid into the mix. There are a good amount of artists out there putting out this kind of music and this one hits the sweet spot in al the right places, if that makes sense. Sometimes I wonder if my rambling approach to reviewing an albums sound makes any sense to readers. Thats where the music comes in to speak for itself. I will leave you with the recommendation to check out their great music and pick up this album from their site if you like it. It’s a great price for a CD released only by the artist and with handmade artwork to top it off! Here is a song from the album called ‘Stay’.

Artist Page (where you can buy the album) • MySpace Page (where you can hear more)