Somewhere Between

Wixel - Somewhere Between the Sun and the Moon

I am a big fan of the subgenera of music that many have been calling ‘folktronica’ which is a term that I think sounds kind of silly but it works as some general way to describe artists that make this sort of music. It is a sort of light hearted, playful sort of a sound that often uses a minimal approach to composition and the elements in the songs combine acoustic instrumentation along with simple electronic production elements such as sampling environments or light use of other electronic sounds. The combination is common among modern music but it’s the minimal, pleasant, and sometimes avant-garde approach that defines the genera.

Wixel is an artist I only recently discovered and I wanted to add a couple albums from them here on You Disappear. I decided to start with this album which is a wonderfully subtle album of acoustic guitar and playful light feeling that makes for a great album to put on during a sunny day. I feel this album would be perfect for laying in the sun. For whatever reason I imagine lying on a floor in the afternoon sunlight as it comes streaming through a window catching the particles of dust as it floats through the air. I think that pretty well describes the music. Warm and sort of comforting and peaceful in a way. If only every moment in life could be this calm.

Artist PageAlbum Page (a page the artist set up to sell the album where you can preview the songs)