Bitter Honey

Eef Barzelay - Bitter Honey

While I have written about Clem Snide here before I held off writing about the singers solo album and I have no particularly good reason to have done so. Maybe because this album is not too hushed and quiet, maybe because I was not sure if I enjoyed it all the way through, but whatever the reason, I suppose its irrelevant and I am just rambling for no good reason. That aside, I have given this album more of a chance and it has grown on my quite a bit and I have ended up playing it a lot as of late.

The music is pretty straightforward, singing with simple acoustic guitar as its companion but what eventually really pulled me in and got me hooked was his songwriting. There is a balance of humor, sarcasm, sadness, and whit that all blend together and make for a pretty interesting listen through and through. There are a handful of songs on this album that really took ahold of my mood lately and caused me to listen to the album often. I would suggest anyone with a slightly bitter sense of humor about life and love have a listen. It grows on you.

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