Blood Red Bird

Wixel (2009) - Blood Red Bird

I recently posted an album from Wixel but I wanted to add another from the group as they have taken up the challenge of recording 12 albums in 12 months time (over the course of 2009). One for each month and each revolve around some sort of central idea or approach. So far this year they have made it to their third release which is the one I am writing about here. Although I have only heard it a couple of times through it has quickly become my favorite so far and has gotten me exited about hearing the way the project progresses through the year. Typically with this type of approach you end up with a lot of poorly conceived songs without much in the way of real production quality or interesting results for that matter but Wixel has made it seem effortless and I have yet to find a song among this project that left me feeling anything but satisfied. From what I understand from the sites they have set up I believe the music is primarily created by Wim Maesschalc the founding member of the group who is from Belgium.

As for the music on this release they have taken their normally instrumental sound and added soft vocals to many of them and while the music is primarily guitar and vocals the layers of sound and production make it a wonderfully polished and subtle record. The music is a low key collection of songs. In my usual desire to want to come up with an example of where I could imagine this music being enjoyed most I find myself thinking of lying around on a carpeted floor on a blanket and pillows with someone... just lying there with eyes closed while it plays. Im not sure why but maybe you will see what I mean if you hear it. Its a beautiful record and not one to pass up.

I will try and add the other albums from the project slowly on the site so they can be included in its archives. Both links below will take you to a place where you can hear the album streaming and purchase it by naming your own price to do so.

Artist PageBandCamp page where you can purchase the songs (name your own price!)