The Blue Notebooks

Max Richter - The Blue Notebooks

This album was the first of its kind that I was introduced to, this new breed of modern classical artists that seem to be growing in popularity. Well, for all I know its been popular for quite some time and I have just been living under a rock, I make no claim to be an expert. At any rate, the first two songs that I heard from this album are two of the shorter pieces on the album but easily standouts and from what I know have been used in at least one film if not other places. Simply brilliant little piano compositions, one is Horizon Variations and the other is Vladimir’s Blues. These songs are heartbreaking in their short but beautiful existence and I could not help but fall in love with the music after hearing them. The rest of the album ventures all over from more orchestral moments to a few short moments where a narrator reads pieces of a story and while at first I found this strange It quickly grew on me once I started to pay attention. After finding this again recently in my ears I realized it had not been added to the pages here and it being a modern classic of sorts I simply had to add it and if you have not had the pleasure of hearing this release already, I highly recommend you do.

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