To Build A Home

The Cinematic Orchestra - To Build A Home (from the album Ma Fluer)

It would have been easy to write about the album this song is from but I wanted to feature a song from it here before I get around to adding the album here because its just such a brilliant song in my eyes. It’s a subtle masterpiece really and is one of those songs you should not be without. Well, if you are able to feel it the way that I do. The original version of this song as it appears on the album Ma Fleur is sort of a living, breathing thing, fragile and calling out for you to listen as it plays. Relatively simplistic at first with voice and piano the music quickly evolves and carries you forward through its story. Honestly, I cannot speak highly enough of this song. It was a collaboration between the Cinematic Orchestra and singer Patrick Watson and while there are a few versions of it around there to hear this is the best way to hear it and I highly suggest you do if you are not already familiar with it.

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