Burial - Self Titled

At times I find myself trying to decide how far I should stretch the boundaries of what could be considered to be within the realm of the calm, quieter side of music. Its hard to define because its different for everyone and within different moods. Sometimes its fairly obvious such as music in the world of ambient but even that can drift into being pretty noisy at times. I suppose at best I can simply continue to use my own judgement and eventually begin using a rating system for the level of calm within the music featured.

All that aside there are a number of albums that rest on the boundary of what people may or may not consider calm or peaceful that are on my add too the site list and this is one of them. This is an electronic album that has its foundation firmly laid in its rhythm, slow yet quick and methodical yet organic they carry you along as you listen. It took me at least a year or more to understand why so many people have come to praise the music of Burial so highly but once it clicked I could not stop listening and find that the more I listen the more I enjoy it. I love the way it straddles head nodding moments and ones that are uplifting within their calmness.

I try and think of a way to visualize how this music feels and for some reason two opposing elements come to mind, think fire but somehow burning underwater. The crack, pop, and unpredictable nature of fire slowed by the calm flow and rhythm of the flow of water. For those of you now familiar with his music I would give it a chance, I find it to be really beautiful.

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