Wixel - Clouds

I have written about Wixel before here on You Disappear and his wonderful series of releases from this year (2009) where he is releasing a new album of music each month for the whole year. Each holds a different idea or theme and so far all of them have been pretty wonderful considering most of the time I see musicians try to pull off this sort of project it sort of end up falling flat in a lot of ways. Wixel has done a wonderful job of keeping things interesting and continues to putt out release after release of beautiful, understated music from month to month. Among these releases Clouds, his February release, is easily one of my favorites. It comes across as an ambient music record only a highly organic one that, as the title implies, feels like a perfect soundtrack for watching clouds drift across a sky. The opening track sets the mood all to perfectly as it leaves your mind instantly drifting through your thoughts as you get tangled in its web of warm drifting ambience. Easily a record I highly recomend.

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