Corduroy Road

Goldmund - Corduroy Road

The music of Kenniff keithkenniff will frequent the pages of this site I’m sure as he has released a number of amazing albums through the years that all fall well within the sonic boundaries of Goldmund is his solo piano project which he has released three albums of which this was his first using this name. The music is lighthearted and heartbreaking all at once, the music he has captured here with the piano is a perfect example of why I love the instrument so much. It just has so much life in each note and you can so easily feel from the music it creates for whatever reason. This album and the others in this project which I will post about in the future have a very simple approach and while you will hear the occasional other instrument or sound in the recordings its heart is in the piano strings and you will glide along with each note as it reaches your ears. The perfect music for a dimly lit room and whispered secrets...

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