Le Fumeur De Ciel

Julien Neto - Le Fumeur De Ciel

Not a lot is disclosed about who Julien Neto is or why he makes the music he creates but in some ways I admire a little mystery behind an artist. It removes all the glamor from it and hides the face behind the music and leaves it to speak for itself. With the kind of music he creates It makes a lot of sense and adds a little more to the beauty of it. From what I know he is a parisian artist and this is his debut full length which was released on one of my favorite labels, Type Records. The music is a backdrop for silence, like fog settling in during a long quiet night. It creates an atmosphere for your thoughts and in a subtle poetic sort of a way it leads you to peace. The style of the music has been described as ‘electro-acoustic’ which is a good indication of what to expect here. It was hard to pick a sample song to share because the album holds so strongly as a whole but the song you can hear in the player above is called VI and is the only song with such a straight forward rhythm but being one of my favorites it seemed like a good place to start if it’s your first time hearing his music.

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