Mout Eerie - Dawn

I have been following Mount Eerie (aka The Microphones) for a long while now and the moment when I really started to enjoy his music was the first track from his Live in Japan album, Great Ghosts. With time I grew to appreciate the experimental side of his work seen often in his releases as The Microphones. Really, you never know what to expect from him. From what I have read at some point in the winter of 2002/2003 he took a trip to Norway and spent some time alone there in the arctic and durning that time he wrote a number of songs that have shown up in many different incarnations scattered through his live shows and albums he has released. He has only just recently collected all of these songs into one place and recorded them as they were originally written, alone with acoustic guitar and with minimal production. I have waited years for an album like this and its nice to finally have it around to listen to. The album has been released in a few different ways, on vinyl, digitally, and with a book featuring writing and entries in his journal during the time when he wrote the music. Many of his recent releases have fairly unique and collectable aspects to the physical copies like one album, called Singers I believe which had a record cover that folded out into a giant poster and claimed to be the largest record cover in the world.

At any rate, the music is quiet and subtle and he sings of isolation, self discovery, and living life. The songs are sung and played with a casualness that is common within his music that may take getting used to if you have never heard his music before. I have been listening to this a lot lately and highly recommend it.

(note: the sample song above is called Voice in Headphones, a favorite)

Digital version available hereArtist Site