Elliott Smith - Either/Or

Of all the albums I have owned and listened to over the years the late Elliott Smith’s ‘Either/Or’ has remained at the top of my list. It fell into my ears during a time when I was just starting to explore the depths of what music had to offer me in my life. Music that had a comfortable resting place under the radar, hiding behind the pop music storm cloud that seemed so dominant in the music world. Either/Or was a stepping stone that taught me to appreciate the simpler side of music. It helped me see that you did not have to have a well produced, clean sounding record to be something incredible. The quiet, subtle presence of the music and its modest production value filled my mind with a feeling that I didn’t realize music was capable of giving me. All in all, this album and a handful of others that I discovered in that time period gave birth to my love for the calmer side of music. It’s one of those albums that I have love as much now as the first day I heard it and it’s magic has not eroded with time.

It’s an album that is no secret small release by any means and I felt posting it here is simply the only proper way to start this site off. If you have not heard this album then you owe it to yourself to at least listen to it once. While it may not have the profound effect it had on my own music life surely it will at least leave you with calm mind if you let it.

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