Empty Sound

A Setting Sun - Empty Sound

The first song on this album is what got me hooked. It’s subtle, slightly uplifting melody paired with a steady beat that makes me smile for some reason. Like the title of the music project the music holds both the warmth of the sun and that calm moment when you suddenly realize its gotten cooler outside. It’s a wonderful start to the release and sets you up to know what to expect for the rest of the album as you listen through it. Cool ambience, the occasional low key beat to keep your body warm with the slight movement it provokes and a touch of other fuzzy percussive sounds that fill in the feeling and bring the production together. Its a wonderful release from a Michigan artist that appears to be new to the scene as far as I can tell with two releases on Moodgadget records. Fans of ambient music take note and keep an eye on this great new artist.

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