First Recordings

R.L. Burnside - First Recordings

A fan of the blues? Like my opinion of jazz and country and a few other genres I am really specific about what I like in the world of blues. I love old blues recordings, the gritty feel of them add so much to the music and helps you get into the roots of the blues. More modern over produced blues records hardly have any soul to them in my opinion. This record contains early recordings from blues musician R.L. Burnside and its a wonderful collection of sliding guitar, foot stomping blues. While many have a bit higher tempo than other recordings around on this site I still feel it still falls within the bounds of calm music. Listening to it makes me smile and nod my head along but I can’t help but relax while I listen to it. The songs here have soul and feel alive to me. It’s a great blues album with to many great songs to list out here and if you’re a fan of the blues by all means give this a listen its great.

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