Johann Johannsson - Fordlandia

This album has taken me some time to digest. It was recommended by a few different people actually and I have come back to it a number of times trying to feel what the music was trying to convey. This morning, a bright snowy morning after 3 days of cold rain, I put the album on again and its starting to make sense somehow. It may be more than the snow covering the ground around me, it may be some of the melancholy dancing in my head or the desire to start making good on some of my grand plans in life. In other words, this album is a gentle uplifting soundtrack for a tired mind. It breathes deep breaths of orchestral swells layered with subtle electronic production and elements that blend into a sort of cloud of emotion. Ha.. My description is a bit much perhaps but suffice to say it is a wonderful collection of music and comes recommended for fans of this new bread of avant classical music that has become so popular as of late. The song featured above is called The Rocket Builder (Io Pan!) and was sort of randomly chosen form the album and I think represents the album fairly well but I think it works best as a whole. This song is one of the more vibrant pieces and not particularly my favorite form the album though..

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