Ghosts Of The Great Highway

Sun Kil Moon – Ghosts Of The Great Highway

I discovered this album while working at a college radio station. I remember putting it on and playing the first track and feeling comforted by the warmth in the music. The album is like a warm ray of sun shining down on you on a cool day. Mark Kozlek, the man behind the music has a singing voice that is subtle and sleepy and makes every song feel like a lullaby. This album finds its way up and down in emotion and has a couple moments where sleepy eyed songs turn a bit more head nodding. It is easily my favorite of the albums he has available as a solo artist and if you enjoy it I suggest also checking out the companion EP of the same name only Vol. 2 which contains a few alternate versions of songs some of which I almost prefer over the originals because they are more stripped down and personal in a way. I know I have not done much here to describe the music itself and I think I will simply leave that to speak for itself if you take a moment to have a listen. Trust me, its worth a few minutes of your day to check out If you have not heard it already.

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