The Sight Below - Glider

This album appeared recently on one of my favorite electronic music labels and after hearing an EP released before this full length I knew I was hooked. The music is a subtle ambient album which according to the labels site, was performed live for the recording. The music reminds me of flying as the ambient tones glide along the subtle movement of the percussion which does a good job of holding you in and adding to the emotion impact of the music. While it is predominantly electronic in its choices of instrument you will also find guitar drenched in reverb echoing through the sound. I have found this album a perfect nightcap for me recently as it provides a backdrop for hopeful dreams and a peaceful night of sleep although it often makes its way into my headphones when I need a bit of an escape from the day as it does a fine job of slowing the world down to a more manageable pace.

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Extra: Here is a youtube video from the artist as he also does video work for his live performances. The audio quality on the video is lacking and this is just sort of an experiment to see how I feel about posting videos (let me know what you think) on the site but here goes nothing: