Haunt Me

Tim Hecker - Haunt Me

This is an ambient release that I came across a few years back and it contains some of my favorite ambient music. While some of this album may be a little on the more experimental side and turn off some listeners, those with some tolerance for the exploration of sound in this type of music will be rewarded with an amazing album of ambient music. The best way I can describe my personal feelings for the music lie in a story I will do my best to keep on the short side... I was in Puerto Rico a few years ago with my family and one of the nights we were there we attended a private party of sorts held inside the rainforest. We were taken to the location by bus in the blanket of night and upon leaving the bus we were given umbrellas if we wanted them because it was raining a little but I chose to go without one. I had put my headphones in on the bus and as we were leaving the bus I decided to put on this album as it was new to me at the time and I was in the mood for something quiet. The first song started to play which is easily my favorite on the album. There is a thick warm ambient tone that put me in a dreamlike state in my mind as I started walking down this rainforest path lit by fire torches along with the others from the bus. The music spun around in my head and the occasional percussive electronic sounds and edits made to the ambient tones added a hint of tension to the feelings it gave me in that moment and made this walk through the rainforest lit by torches this way seem surreal and by the time we reached the point where the party was held I felt as though I was in some sort of strange zen like coma that took a while to wear off... That may have come off a little strange, I’m not sure but it was an experience that always pulls itself back into my mind as I listen to it. The rest of the album is just as rewarding and very much deserves a listen... Visit the artists page link for more information on the artist.

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