I Take On Your Days

Corrina Repp - I Take On Your Days

This is one of my personal classic favorites. One of those albums that got me hooked on the art of the whispering quiet side of music. The songs here are minimal, to the point, and beautiful. The ten songs on this album are all like the lullabies for heartbreak and hope. At one point in my life these songs rang through on repeat endlessly as I worked an early shift at a book store and while sometimes they pushed me dangerously close to falling asleep on the floor, most of the time they just kept me going. This is one of those albums that I treasure and am happy to recommend to others that are not familiar with it. I bought the CD years ago and the artwork is wonderful as the painting on was printed on a letterpress and has that wonderful feeling that only that type of press can give. It is still available with this packaging and I recommend you pick up a physical copy of it if you enjoy the music because its wonderful. This is one not to miss and one of those albums that hardly grow beyond a whisper in your ears.

On a related note, the album was released by Hush Records, one of my favorite labels for this sort of music that I have followed for years and I discovered the label through the Take A Nap music site that inspired You Disappear to become a reality.

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