Master And Everyone

Bonnie Prince Billy - Master And Everyone

With what is most likely Will Odhams most well known project he has created some truly beautiful music. Through the years of its releases I have gravitated to a couple of his albums much more than most of his others and it seems like he always has something new out but maybe thats just me. Master And Everyone is a beautiful album through and through. It rings out with a peaceful look into the world of love, heartbreak and life, much like many of the albums that grace the pages of You Disappear. I recently started putting on my vinyl copy of this more often than I even realized until one night it was playing and I found myself completely hypnotized by it’s calming sort of presence in my mind and my voice is always finding its way out of my mouth to sing along with bits of the songs here that manage to whisper truth into my ears. Now that it is back in heavy rotation in my mind I felt I should add it to the site here where it certainly belongs and If you have not heard his music this is a great place to start.

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