New England

Jason Anderson - New England

Jason Anderson is known for his live performances and the way he manages to get the whole room singing along excited and happy to be alive. His music falls somewhere between outright rock tracks to calm acoustic numbers but all of which are stories of nights, love, and living life to its fullest and its wonderful. This album, in my mind, is his definitive work. The album that set him up for all the great work he has done since and one of his most focused sounding recording. The songs are full of life and observations from within it and while 90 percent of the album is somewhat low key with acoustic guitars and piano there are moments where it builds up to something a bit more rock than many things you will find on the site but I can’t help but feature his music because it has this ability to make you feel good about life both in the good things and the subtleties of the bad ones as well. Simply a brilliant album in my opinion, one that has been played a hundred times over and still has plenty of life left to give.

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