The Night of the Ankou

The North Sea & Rameses III - The Night of the Ankou

This is not the first and it is certainly not the last you will see on You Disappear from the wonderful label Type Records. They have an uncanny ability to find and release some of the most beautiful music out there and this album is no exception. While it took me a while to sit down and give this album the time it deserved this afternoon it appeared randomly while I had iTunes on shuffle. As the music started to creep into my mind I hardly realized it was there. The slow drone of the music snuck into the room like a fog building slowly in the night, slowly filling my mind and causing everything around me to seem at peace somehow. The album itself is composed of only two songs both just shy of 20 minutes in length and each evolve in a way that albums split into lots of tiny ideas or tracks have a harder time accomplishing. Various elements fade in and out among the fog as gently as fireflies attempt to light the moments just before night fully settles in. It’s a really beautiful experience and will hold you in its warmth. Listen and let your heart and your mind have a moment in your day to rest...

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