The Other Side Is Mud

Corrina Repp - The Other Side Is Mud

I posted about Corrina in the previous post and as I was looking through the label site I found that they have one of her albums available for free or simply any amount of money you would like to donate to get the mp3’s because its physical form is out of print. When I mentioned my long periods of listening to her other album, ‘I Take On Your Days,’ I also discovered this album and often these songs followed the other album in its rotation through my ears. The music on this release holds the same sort of fragile feel as the other release and while personally I prefer the music on ‘I Take On Your Days’ because it is a bit more developed and haunting this album is not one you want to miss either and if you are curious about her style of music this is a great place to start. My favorite song on here is the last track titled ‘They Sang Solo’ which I love and is one of my favorite songs of hers.

Download the album here (I suggest you at least donate a couple of dollars for it as every bit counts and Hush Records is a label well worth supporting.)