Pride - Phosphorescent

I mentioned another album from phosphorescent here on the site already and I wanted to include my other favorite from him as well because it is equally stunning. I think the most gripping part of the music here is the mood put in place by the shaky vocals of the singer Matthew Houck. The depth in these songs is nothing short of magic and the music begs to be heard while traveling and I cannot exactly figure out why I think that but its what comes to mind when I listen to these songs. Something in the warm drifting feeling of these songs brings forth the idea of a landscape slowly transforming in layers as you ride along in a car or train. That peacefulness that traveling brings. I think that is simply because the music here feels like home in a dusty sentimental kind of way. My favorite song on the album is certainly ‘Wolves’ which is a song where I often catch myself with my eyes closed as I listen, if not just a long blink of sorts like in slow motion. The kind where things around you seem a little brighter and glowing upon opening your eyes and leaves everything within your sight seem just a little more beautiful.

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