God Is Saying This To You

Kurt Vile - God Is Saying This To You

I have been listening to the album Wagonwheel Blues by War On Drugs for a long while now it seems and was one of my favorite releases last year, brilliant spacey noise pop sort of music. I never really dug much into who the band was, where they were from or their history. I recently discovered an album by this musician Kurt Vile on emusic that I instantly fell for and upon a tiny bit of looking around discovered he is one of the two founding members of War On Drugs which probably why it felt familiar listening to it. This album is probably not going to win over every listener that may check it out because of its loose form and lo-fi aesthetic but I really love his approach. He is one of those artists that can confidently take a simple idea and make it shine and the simplicity of it is what draws me into it. I hear he has been signed to Matador and I am curious to hear what that brings... It leaves me feeling nostalgic somehow for a road less traveled, only I’m not sure why exactly, sometimes music simply... connects.

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