The Sea & The Rhythm

Iron & Wine - The Sea & The Rhythm

I was lucky enough to host a local radio show at a college nearby for a couple of years and I still hold to the experience as one of those life changing things that only come along ever so often. It lead me to discover countless new musicians and gave me a chance to break into a number of other things that I now take for granted in life. Among the music I happened across in my time in the ‘new music’ show where I played music primarily from new albums in rotation at the station I discovered a short EP from Iron and Wine and played the track from this, The Sea and The Rhythm. I was quickly taken by the music as it drifted along barely raising to the point of a whisper in the studio. At the time this EP was his second release and I immediately went to pick it up and the local record shop. My roommate at the time tried to convince me it was christian music because of the name of the group which maybe I’m remembering wrong somehow but I thought it was funny at the time. The album went on to become one of my very favorites to this day. As the title suggests, its the perfect music for a day spent near an ocean, especially a rainy one as I later discovered.

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