A School Of Secret Dangers

Amy Annelle - A School Of Secret Dangers

I discovered this years ago when I first subscribed to emusic, which at the time was amazing because you paid 15 bucks a month to download all the music you wanted rather than the now monthly charge for a set amount of songs. Anyway, among the first music discovered there I came across the label Hush Records which I grew to really love. I have discovered all to many great new artists through that label. This record is one that has stuck with me through the years as it is a wonderful album that deserves more credit than it gets and is one of those albums I can always put on and enjoy.

I have sat here staring at the screen trying to find the words to describe the music and its harder to peg than I thought it would be at first. This feels like music for time at home alone or maybe sitting on a porch swing at dusk surrounded by the sound of the approaching summer night, or better yet, a rainy day... They are beautiful lo-fi recordings of folk inspired melodies and singing and comes across in a delicate way that leaves room for your imagination to let loose. The album is littered with samples that fit into the mix in an interesting way and give it a texture and subtext without distracting from the music which I like a lot. While there are many favorites on the album my very favorite has always been the song ‘Will Try’ which you can hear in the player above and if you enjoy the song I suggest digging a little deeper and picking the album up.

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