Clem Snide

Your Favorite Music

Clem Snide - Your Favorite Music

When I first came across this band I can’t remember how I found them but the first song I heard was ‘Your Favorite Music,’ the title track from this album. It’s a beautiful song sung as though the singer is talking to you about your favorite music and how it just makes you sad. I immediately declared it my theme song of sorts and was won over then and there by the clever song writing from this group. The words from the song are as follows:

You favorite music, well it just makes you sad
But you like it, because you feel special that way
You feel special, that your like no one else
But then you’re lonely, and you need someone to help
I can’t teach you, to learn to love yourself
But heres a sad song, that I wrote for no one else.

The rest of the album is full of equally clever songwriting and has an overall slow pace that is broken a couple of the times with more upbeat songs. Mostly though it’s a great album to relax to that wont leave you so much on the sleepy side of things. The music is a sort of indie rock sound with a touch of an alt-country feel to it that I really love. I would say at least treat yourself to the title track and my other favorite ‘Bread.’ Recently I have been listening to a number of their albums which I have all enjoyed as much or more than this one but I thought I would post about this first since its what brought me to like the band as much as I do.

As far as I have read they are no longer together making music which is unfortunate but understandable after also reading that they also had a number of ups and downs and a revolving cast of musicians. The singer has released an album on his own that I have not checked out yet but I would like to.

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