Daisuke Miyatani


Daisuke Miyatani - Diaro

I wrote about this album a while ago on my other site fiftyfootshadows. In fact, after reading what I wrote about it then I’m not sure I can word it much better than that so I will simply lift part of what I write then:

“It is one of the most subtle things I have heard in a long time and the more I listen to it the more it fades into me in some way that I cant explain. Full of lo-fi sampling and loose, quiet plucked guitars. At times songs will trail off and disappear suddenly which I didn’t really like at first but the more I listen the more I like these sudden endings on a few of the songs, it helps bring you back to the present after getting lost in the song.”

Thats how I still feel about the album, its magic. The music sort of blends into your surroundings and adds this light touch of peacefulness to your mind as you are listening to it. The best “folktronica” album I’ve heard, well my personal favorite at least. If anything you should at least treat yourself to the song ‘Hum’. It is a more ambient track but its just beautiful. I would suggest going outside somewhere the first time you hear it, go on a walk or just go sit on a bench somewhere and put it on, let it soak into you and when it ends see where it leaves your mind...

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