Dakota Suite

The Night Just Keeps Coming In

Dakota Suite - The Night Just Keeps Coming In

The Dakota Suite album ‘The End Of Trying’ (iTunes link) is a beautiful piano heavy instrumental album that never quite captured my attention as a whole and upon further digging into the history of Dakota Suite’s music I came to find that he had released a number of albums in that name and one of the ones I came across while looking through his various releases was an album of re-interpretations of all the songs from his End Of Trying album. Sort of remixes but more a retelling of the music he had written for that album and it managed to hit something in my music loving self even more than the original recording did. The collection of songs is performed by a number of wonderful artists, a couple of which I have written about here and a number of others that belong here on You Disappear one of these days.

The album flows really well and I think that its because of the fact that the music itself was already written and the artists that performed and re-imagined these songs simply added their own sense of beauty to the mix and pushed each song into a new space of its own. Im having trouble describing the experience the album brings so I will stop rambling and leave you to discover it for yourself.

Among the musicians featured are Loscil, Peter Broderick, Jacaszek, Swod, and Hanuschka....

Artist Page • Was limited to 300 CDs but is available digitaly on Boomkat