Julianna Barwick

You Disappear Radio 3

Episode three of You Disappear Radio is available now in the feed. Please read the show notes included in the podcast and visit the links in the enhanced audio file to visit the artists sites. The idea is to give you a sample of some great music and hopefully turn you onto some great new albums in the process. See the tags below for links to my reviews on You Disappear of the artists included in this episode.

Otherwise, here is a link to the feed which you can put into iTunes or whichever reader you use for podcasts: http://www.youdisappear.net/files/blog.xml I don’t include direct links to the files in these posts simply because I am keeping this on the underground side of things and I want to keep things as simple as possible with them. Hopefully this will not alienate too may people. Let me know your thoughts should you have an opinion on the idea. I am always open to suggestions.

If you are an artist featured on this podcast and you wish to have your music removed please contact me directly at john-at-youdisappear.net and I will be more than happy to remove it for you. I completely understand, the intention of the site is to promote great music of a calm mindset, not capitalize on it. Its for the love of the music.


Julianna Barwick - Florine

Imagine a singular, zen like chant echoing out into a void. A choir of one voice layered and spilling over itself creating a swelling ocean of vocal harmony. That is exactly what you will find here on this short 6 song EP. It’s a beautiful exploration of one voice and a few other simple elements crafted into music that is something like slow motion. While there are no clear lyrics in these songs I find that to be somewhat irrelevant as the melodies and sounds here speak for themselves. I imagine this is what life would sound like if everything was beautiful and moving in slow motion revealing every tiny glimmer of light as something magnificent and spectacular. Maybe these words sound over the top, I don’t know, it is simply what has come to mind while I hear it fill the room.

This EP was released exclusive to emusic, heres a linkArtist Site