Laura Gibson

You Disappear Radio Episode 1

Well, I have decided to start up a podcast for the site. It will act as a radio show of sorts for the great music here on the site. Hopefully twice a month I will compile a short podcast of music to give readers a chance to hear more of what they are reading about and maybe catch something that they missed. The obvious aim here is to expand the listener base of the artists featured in the show. I have decided not to host the show with any sort of narration and simply let the show notes, the embedded links, and the music speak for itself.

Read the show notes for each episode in the post that contains them and please note that this is an enhanced aac audio file for playback in iTunes or other compatible player like an iPod and contains links to find out more about the artist you are listening to by clicking the cover art of the music you are hearing in the show. I hope that everyone enjoys the shows and I hope that I can manage to stay under the radar with it to avoid any legal backlash what with this whole crazy world of the internet and digital media.

To subscribe to the show simply add the RSS feed for this page to iTunes or another podcast catcher type program and it should download episodes as they become available. Here is the RSS link to make it easy ( ) and below you will find the show notes for this episode.

...and please, by all means, let me know what you think of the idea and the show.

The first Episode of the You Disappear Podcast. A mostly secret place for you to sit back, put a nice pair of headphones on, and get lost in some beautiful music.

This episode features music from Brian Borcherdt, Mount Eerie, Colleen, Wixel, and Laura Gibson. (intro music from the Buddha Machine by FM3) Visit their websites or for more information on the artists.

*Support artists you enjoy here and buy their music, we have to do what we can to keep them making these wonderful sounds.*

The podcast has been created as an enhanced aac file therefore the artwork will change according to the song and the songs have been seperated into chapters as well. Each time the artwork cahnges you will be able to use a link in the artwork which will take you to the artists page.

It is best enjoyed in iTunes or on an iPod of some sort for these features. An mp3 version is available upon request.

If you are an artist featured on this podcast and you wish to have your music removed please contact me directly at and I will be more than happy to remove it for you. I completely understand, the intention of the site is to promote great music of a calm mindset, not capitalize from it. Its for the love of the music.

Direct Link for the show.

Beasts Of Seasons

Laura Gibson - Beasts Of Seasons

Another great artist hailing from the Hush Records family Laura Gibson is an artist I have wanted to add here for a while now. At the moment this is her latest effort and it does a wonderful job of showcasing what she is capable of as a musician. It’s a gentle singer+guitar album that seems straightforward at first but the more I listen the more I discover in the subtle layers of ambience added by the instrumentation hiding behind her voice and guitar as they lead the way through these songs. Soft orchestral elements and warm deep bass elements add a lot of depth to the otherwise simple, somber, songwriting and it’s really beautiful. Her voice is distinct and begs to be heard as you listen to her sing about the often whispered emotions within our lives.

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