Minamo - Durée

The ever impressive 12k deserves its own category here on the site. I feel like I have slowly been filtering in every album I hear from their catalogue and it shows no signs of slowing down. This release hinges on a beautiful minimal esthetic driven by lightly picked and strummed guitar and piano layered with bits of electronic and acoustic accompaniment that fill in the space between notes leaving me with a light hearted sense of fulfillment. This album has been one of my go to sources for calmer moments and I happily recommend it to anyone looking for something to breath life into any moment in your day needing a peaceful interlude. An interesting fact about the music is that it is being performed by four different musicians. Usually music so minimal and haunting comes from one or sometimes two musicians yet these four manage to play music together in this delicate without adding a lot of clutter to the overall sound. Great music, not to be overlooked.

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