Nick Drake

Pink Moon

Nick Drake - Pink Moon

How could I have a site based on the calmer side of music and not include this album? It’s interesting to me how a lot of newer calm singer songwriter music that is released is instantly compared to Nick Drake. Especially since he was so underground and did not get the crazy popularity that his music gathered until it was featured in a car ad. All the comparisons do come with fairly good reason as he was writing this sort of gently whispered music long before the current days where pretty much anyone can learn to play guitar and record their own album of these sorts of simplistic songs. I think the thing that made Nick Drake stand out was because his music is very much worthy of such praise. Pink Moon in particular is a simple understated album full of brilliant songs. Brilliant in their simplicity, focus, and honesty. The music on the album is nothing short of a lullaby throughout the album and is an essential album for any fan of this kind of music. If you are among those who have not heard this album then do yourself a favor and have a listen...

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