Ellaborate Devices

Nudge - Elaborate Devices For Filtering Crisis

I Love this album, it’s as simple as that really. The music is ambient music only not as thick with a thousand pounds of reverb. It makes its way through a lot of different ideas with a number of different approaches to a similar concept through the album. It has little touches of a number of influences such as jazz and funk it’s a subtle IDM electronic music album at its heart. Its one of those albums that floats through your mind rather than just sitting there in front of you while you listen. Some live elements like electric bass and drums make their way into the mix but often its full of bleeps and electronic synth like sounds that rest right at home with the live instruments in the recording. Occasionally a female voice sings over the songs which is a great addition and while it only makes its appearance a couple of times it’s somehow just enough. It’s a well balanced album that electronic music lovers would enjoy but is not so overly electronic that fans of more acoustic music could get into it as well.

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