Music For Egon Schiele

Rachel’s - Music for Egon Schiele

Rachel’s is a group performing classical inspired music from musicians with more a history in indie rock. At least as far as I know. I don’t know too much about the group other than it centers on three musicians that often spirals outward with other players on their recorded work. This album is over ten years old at this point but in my mind remains as strong and beautiful as when it was released. Originally it was performed life to accompany a theater piece about the painter Egon Schiele but was also recorded and released. The music is simple and hypnotic and performed with piano, Cello, and Violin which all melt together seamlessly into a beautiful landscape of sound. Perfect music to close your eyes and let the sound take your mind visit places hiding inside your imagination. It is a highly visual album in my opinion and leaves you feeling a sort of uplifting calm. Highly recommended... (highly recommended seems to be getting a common phrase around here I think.)

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