Shuttle358 - Chessa

The 12K label has been releasing subtle minimal ambient music for some time now and recently I decided to dive into their catalogue a bit deeper and came to discover I was missing out on some really phenomenal music. Among the releases I came across was this album by Shuttle358 which I believe recently sold out in its physical form. When it comes to ambient music I am pretty cautious and I have trouble jumping on every random ambient drone album that happens along my path so when an ambient album comes along that breaks away from the droning masses I cant help but take notice. The music on Chessa I can best describe by calling it lush and warm. As you listen through the album it takes you beyond what a typical ambient release may take you and covers a lot of territory with hints of a lo-fi folktronic sort of a feel at times as well as notes of subtle minimal IDM sneak through and its all hold together by its warmth and dream like presence. Its nearly impossible to describe ambient albums I realize because they have a tendency to be a pretty personal listening experience usually, not really party music and so everyone may have different reactions to the music inside so have a peak over on the itunes samples, which were more than enough to get me hooked, and have a listen to what I am fumbling around trying to describe.

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