Steiner - Untitled

Surely this is the music they play in heaven. This album came up as suggested listening and within the first couple of minutes I was hooked. I have a soft spot for meandering electric guitar without the aid of any elaborate effects and this release delivers on that craving with elegance. I was initially a little worried at the fact that the release was one single 25 minute piece of music because modern musicians who take this approach often end up with something a bit over conceived and often leave me wondering if or when it will end.

This song however doesn’t seem to wear on me, it grows slowly across my mind and calms my nerves with each pluck of a sting. To be honest, it’s been a slow start to this year and i have been feeling a bit uninspired as of late but for the first time in a good while I found my mind had that old spark of motivation that had been hiding from sight. The peaceful, organic sounds of the recording put my mind at ease and reminded me to slow down, take one thing in at a time and it felt good.

The physical CD release comes available with original polaroid artwork which I love.

Bandcamp page for the project.