Sylvain Chauveau

Un Autre Décembre

Sylvain Chauveau - Un Autre Décembre

As the sun starts to set and the light here fades into darker and darker shades of grey things become more and more subtle around me in this light and the cold of the winter can be felt as it creeps through the windows. With the day dying my mind is getting lost in the idea of the approaching night and what it may bring with it In this moment, a perfect soundtrack for this moment would have to be Sylvain Chauveau’s album Un Autre Décembre. It is a subtle album full of slowly evolving piano pieces that will take your mind somewhere other than where you are. The album is laced with short electronic sounds and noises as songs that are so quiet and understated that even if you are not a fan of this sort of slightly experimental noise among the beautiful sounds of a piano you will probably understand why they are there. They add space and breathing room to the piano pieces and somehow manage to pull the album together as a whole. This is easily my favorite work from Sylvian and its hard to imagine why he isn’t more widely known. Unfortunately this is one of those albums I feature here that is hard to come by at the time as it was released on Fat Cat a few years ago and has since gone out of print and I cannot find somewhere online to buy it other than the occasional used copy. I’m sure that with time a digital version will be released for those interested and for the impatient ones im sure if you look/ask around you could find a copy. (Note: the name of the song I included above is Neuf Cents Lunes from this album)

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