Welcome Nowhere

Thanksgiving - Welcome Nowhere

You wont find any nice shiny production value here. You wont find any well rehearsed and perfected songs here. What you will find are songs performed with feeling and if not true spontaneity then a wonderful illusion of such. This is music that you put on and it simply exists in its quiet, honest way and it evolves with its slightly off pitch interpretations of songs and feeling which bring your eyes to close and your mind to a stillness. If you can appreciate music sung with this sort of loose interpretation of what acoustic guitars and singing should be then there is absolutely no reason for you not to pick this up. I’m nearly positive this album has a pretty successful following and for good reason, it sort of hides itself in a really beautiful unique way in my mind and when I put it on I cant help but hum along. I first discovered this by chance when I bought a vinyl copy of it at a Microphones show a few years back. It was begging to be bought what with its recycled record cover and mysterious presence among the other Microphones records. As for the music, think minimal acoustic guitar, a hushed singing with a breaking male voice, and sneaky layers of music that lull you into a state of calm. One of my favorites of this approach to music and the ‘singer, songwriter’ mentality. I have no idea why I have not posted it here before but now, here it is. It has since been reissued on vinyl after these originals all sold out and the reissue has fancier artwork and more music which I still have not heard but would love to one of these days...

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