"We Sit On Floors We Stand on Chairs"

Woodworkings - "We Sit On Floors We Stand on Chairs"

This album was recommended to me long ago through the site and I have wanted to get it posted here ever since my first listen through. The music found on this release will do nothing less than leave your mind breathless as it is cleared out and left full of light. These are drifting ambient songs that explore the boundaries between soft organic melodies and gritty distortion. At times melodies will drift through a song cohesive and lighthearted but slowly spin outward into a looser form only to eventually be found again as time progresses. Other moments bring a thick distorted buzz that will fight its way to the top and give an interesting contrast to what hides beneath.

Through and through it is a wonderful listen and a really solid release that any fan of the genera should certainly check out. My favorite piece from the album is the first cut, Sketch (adrift) which ended up being one of my favorites from 2010. You can pick this up choosing your own price so you have no reason not to head over and check it out.

Album page on Bandcamp