Ten Duets

Peter Broderick - Ten Duets

I will start of my saying that this release is unfortunately already sold out and gone from buying existence, which is a shame really. It was released in limited number on cassette tape and quickly sold out at the various places which carried it. Peter Broderick has quickly made a name for himself in the past couple of years and for good reason, his peaceful minded approach to creating music is easy to fall in love with and this release is no exception. Its stunning in its simplicity, each song written and performed with only two elements, two instruments, ranging from piano to violin to sampled environments. Its a recent favorite and I can only hope that one day the music may be made available again in another format but perhaps it is best suited to remain a musical rarity in its physical form, scattered about the world in a small handful of collections. I usually dont ever condone the use of the internet to find music among file sharing sites but I may have to make an exception here because its very much worth tracking down. The version of it I have here is simply someone who recorded each side of the tape as two audio files which I kind of like because it feels like its being presented in a way that is true to its original format. So heres to hoping it will become available again but if not, happy hunting.

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