They Shoot, We Score

Yo La Tengo - They Shoot, We Score

I cannot stop listening to Yo La Tengo’s score for the film Old Joy. Its become the type of music that I simply must keep listening to because without it I fear I may fall apart. The clean and deep electric guitar echoes out a solitude that is truly haunting and is layered perfectly with subtle layers of piano, bass and on occasion, drums. Its a simple instrumental masterpiece that my mind cannot get enough of. The music is available via an album they released which contains music for all the films they have been part of scoring over the past few years and the music from Old Joy is easily my favorite from the collection and is what I am recommending to you here. It was released on CD as well as digitally but not via the usual channels and I can only find it through their site here. There is a note on the homepage saying the sore is broken but who knows, that may be out dated. Either way if you would like to hear the music first simply watch the film, its a wonderful quiet film that may be slow for some peoples taste but I really enjoyed it.