Without Sinking

Hildur Gudnadottir - Without Sinking

This album was created by a musician that gained her notoriety from her collaborations with other musicians such as Múm, Pan Sonic, and others. Her instrument of choice is the cello and she is able to create some really inspired, beautiful music with it and within her arrangements. This record is one of her ventures out as a solo artist and it’s a haunting affair all the way through. The music here to me resembles floating in the middle of a sea. It feels like an ambient record only here you will find no electronic elements, only layers of beautiful string (with the occasional wind instrument) arrangements crafted with a dark yet warm presence where each note seems to breathe as if alive they move along. It’s a beautiful organic record perfect for a late night or any sort of contemplative moment. I feel I have not done it justice with my description and urge you to have a listen for yourself if you are a fan of avant-garde style classical music...

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