Still Alive

No, I have not abandoned the site or anything of the sort, I have just been caught up in other parts of my life at the moment. I have a few albums I will add today hopefully but I think I will have to stop adding streaming songs for now until I can decide on how to do it.

What I am looking for is a way to stream music that is 100 percent safe from being downloaded and better yet, a technically legal way to continue to add a song from the albums I add to the site. I really like the musicon players that I have been using but their policies are changing and I will have to start storing the files here on my server which could lead to a legal action against me down the line as the site grows.

I really want to be able to share bits of music from the albums I feature here to give readers a chance to hear what I attempt to describe and be able to discover music that much more easily but the way things are right now in the heat of illegal music sharing I am simply trying to figure out the best plan for the future of the site. I can only imagine getting a couple hundred albums in here with songs attached and references to them only to have all of that suddenly disappear.

ANY SUGGESTIONS WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED. Sorry for the all caps there but I could use some help on this. Most services out there either play only part of a song streaming or the embedded players are ugly and full of ads which I am doing my best to avoid here.

Ideally I would LOVE to start a podcast that would arrive bi-monthly and feature music from the blog but again, would I be able to pull that off without catching slack from the labels? Its a sad thing to have to deal with really because I’m not trying to make money from all of this, I just want to share great music and help out all these great artists! But not everyone sees it that way so..

So until I can figure out what to do next I will be leaving off the music from the posts and leaving it to you guys to click through to the iTunes or artist site links to find more.