Casanova 70

Air - Casanova 70

A while back I found a suggestion sent to me for the site for an air song and I sat on it for quite a while before deciding to post it and I am not exactly sure why. Maybe I was just trying to decide if it had that certain feeling that I look for when picking music for You Disappear but I am finally coming around after waking up this morning and putting this song on. As it began I found myself waking up to this soft bass melody which, about half way through the song, drops off only to return with a wonderful combination of horns to fill it all in and pull it together. Air has been around a long time in the electronic music world and I had never quite understood the appeal but I can say that after waking up to Casanova 70 this morning I will be digging a little deeper into their catalogue. I think what initially threw me off was the fact that it was so clean sounding and for whatever reason I find it harder to get into music that is to clean or glossy if you know what I mean. It just takes a little time to realize what I am missing I suppose. This is music for a sunny morning...

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