Beirut - Venice (from the ep Realpeople-Holland)

I have been a fan of Beirut for some time now because of his unique approach to music and songwriting. Before he started making music under this name he had a more electronic solo oriented project called Realpeople and in his latest release as Beirut he has merged these two worlds and released an album that is actually considered to be two EP’s released as one album and one of the two EP’s features a more electronic type fare. One of the songs on the Realpeople-Holland side of the album has been haunting my mind for the last day or so and so I decided to take a moment and share it here. I recommend you take the time to listen to the rest of the album as there are a lot of other great songs on there, some lying outside of the calm universe of You Disappear but are still wonderful songs.

I think the moment the horns started fading into the synthetic sounds I was hooked, it’s such a surprisingly natural sounding combination and I love it.

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